Running low, then dead

Wow! It’s been two months since my last post. Sorry for the MIA (missing in action) guys. Been busy finishing my last semester in Med School. This step has almost ended. But enough about me. Let’s do a summary of what has been going on my hubby. First of all, due to multiple visits to the ER because of  excrutianting pain, hubby’s last one included a surprise. Before the ambulance arrived at our home that night, we did a routine checkup of his DBS batteries to see if any of them were off. The one on the left side wasn’t responding to the remote control. After a few hours and more than a dozen tries, a Medtronic representative came to check the system. X-rays were performed to assure than none of the cables were broken or misplaced. To our surprise, all the x-rays came back normal. Once she tried to turn on the battery, she noticed it wasn’t responding to the adjustment device either. With an astonished tone she said that the battery had died and that she would try her hardest to reach our Neurologist. Due to being a Sunday that was quite hard, but our Neurologist came through with instructions. The right side battery was modulated to increase the pulsations to compensate the other side. But that did not work for long.

Another 24-hour shift came up for me. I was hesitant to let hubby at home alone, so my sister-in-law was staying with us meanwhile I worked. I was right that things could turn for the worst. Hubby’s pain worsened that night and my sister-in-law had to take him to the ER once again. This time he couldn’t stand it. Hopeless, defeated and in excruciating pain, it was turning for the worse. But only God’s hand could’ve done something so fast. His uncle did everything he could to push for a appointment with a Neurosurgeon when the Medtronic assistant had told us that in was only possible in 3 weeks for an evaluation that previous night. Sea, air and soil was moved and the appointment occurred that Thursday morning scheduling him for OR that next Monday. Way to go UNCLE!!!

But there’s still something I have not told you. After all the odyssey for this change of battery, hubby had a follow-up appointment with his Neurologist. Surprise!! The other battery is running low too. So, if we had known this at the same moment that the first battery was being acquired for the change, it would have been logical to change the other one. But Nooo! No one told the Neurosurgeon that information. So once again hubby has to undergo another surgery. At least they are minor due to just being opening the chest pocket and replacing the battery.

It has been a few very hectic, exhausted months. But now, hubby is feeling much better and the pain has gone. I know it won’t be long ’til it comes back, but hopefully it will be later rather than sooner.

dbs battery- left side

X-ray of hubby’s chest. You can appreciate the battery and cables commanding the DBS.

Brain x-ray. The coiled cables are normally like that. Below them, in the center is one of the electrodes stimulating the brain.

Brain x-ray. The coiled cables are normally like that. Below them, in the center is one of the electrodes stimulating the brain.


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