Pain, changes and more pain

I have failed to keep up blogging and I’m really sorry for the delay in updates. Ever since the last hospital visit, my husband had to make some changes in his lifestyle. Way to have a wakeup call.

Aqua-aerobic classes, cycling training and stretching exercises have helped him diminish the body pain. This kind of training has also improve his sleeping patterns and mine.

As of last night, pain gain power over him ad we are once again at the Emergency Room of a local hospital. Waiting is exhausting and as if he could stand waiting. Yeah right! As a PD patient, his condition should be taken seriously and he should be fast tracked for treatment. But the system here fails to do that. Only those with injuries, heart attacks and fatal status get faster treatment, as they should.

PD patients should commence to ask for a more efficient fast track system. But as I regret to say this, my beautiful island is too far from getting up to date in some specific areas of the Medical World. We need regulations and improvement!


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