Happy 35th birthday!

Preparations have been going on for a week, all his doing, for hubby’s 35th birthday. Cleaning, organizing, preparing the food and more cleaning. Everybody was coming. He had his mind set on how he wanted it, with his unique style. Party at our house, cold slaw, rice with beans and BBQ ribs for dinner. It was the first birthday I spend with him after 4 years of studying abroad. I used to send him gifts and could not be physically present due to it being right in the middle of midterms.

Best thing we did was ask for a themed cake. He wanted it to be an iPad with one of his designs as a background. Boy, it got difficult to find someone to do it in so short notice. But he got it!Image

Don Q Cristal is his favorite rum, the one and only truly Boricua rum (as we call ourselves, Puertorricans). So you get the picture, literally. We had soo much fun, eventhough I spend most of the night in the kitchen preparing the appetizers (housewife duties LOL). Hubby had a blast and not even PD stopped him from having fun.


Little bit of History:

The term Boricua comes from our roots of the indian tribes who lived here before Puerto Rico got discovered by Christopher Colombus. Indian tribes used to call the island Boriken. Therefore, puertirricans feel proud of the term “Boricua”. We use a phrase in spanish “Yo soy boricua, pa’ que tu lo sepas”, which means: I’m Boricua, so you know.


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