Moving Fwd

Eleven months have past since the wedding. Changes have been made for my career, since I’m going back home full time in December. It is kind of incredible for me that I’ve been married to Juan for only 11 months and we have just spent about 3 months total, including my end of semesters vacations and the 2 months he spent with me away while I went to school. The time has come to make a few more subtle changes, but I’m kind of scared of what to expect.

There has been a question floating in my mind for a few weeks now and I don’t know how to address it. Juan’s condition has been stable for a few months now. At least that gives me tranquility. My career is taking its path as I planned and I’m hugely excited for 2013 and its surprises for my new hospital rotations. But that question I was talking about earlier is bugging me. If I’m going to be home every single day, Juan is doing great with his PD, can we see a future B A B Y on the way?

As a young adult female, it’s part of my dream to have a child. As a couple we’ve talked about it a lot. But, when is a good time to have a kid when you are in a relationship like this one? Timing is the essence, but I think “Moving Fwd” includes a child in the near future. I know he’ll be the greatest DAD on earth, frightened at first, but great. He’s had his practice, as he’s the oldest of 5 kids. And I know I’m ready too.

I know PD has its unexpected turns and I don’t want to wait or speculate how much longer of “normal” we have. I want us to experience parenthood as a unity. I don’t want the “it’s too late for it” thing to get to us. Of course I’m not talking about having one right away. It has to be planned, at least economically. What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Moving Fwd

  1. I think you follow your heart and soul … and talk about deeply – because what I understand from Parkinson’s is it a terrible disease/illness and it will rip you into pieces at time and it will be tough on you – don’t know how advance your husband’s illness are. There is no one that can give you any advice – because they have to be yours and his. I’m sure you two together will figure everything out.

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