Med School vs. Parkinson’s

Med School has been a BIG challenge when it comes to having a relationship and learning to deal with new symptoms when you cannot actually be there. Every time something new happens, my mind goes into a million places and never to my books, well only to check for a new medication we can try. This semester has been particularly hard. Being an intern is like being the dirt everybody steps on. You are almost done, but for a resident, you still are a student. Most of the time they don’t care you have a life away from here and has gotten me to the point of wanting to run, take a flight and be at home. But I then realize what the future beholds.

I’ve been kind of homesick and wanting to see my husband and A few days back, I wrote some pros vs. cons.

Med School keeps me away; Parkinson’s brings me closer to you… Win for Parkinson’s

Med School distracts me; Parkinson’s makes me concentrate on you… Win for Parkinson’s

Med School is tough; Parkinson’s is tougher… Win for Parkinson’s

Med School creates character; Parkinson’s brings courage… Win for Parkinson’s

Med School gives me headaches, Parkinson’s heartaches… Win for Med School

Med School brings me to reality and so does Parkinson’s… TIE

Med School makes my methodical self grow stronger; Parkinson’s makes my sentimental side fonder… Win for Parkinson

Med School is my dream: Juan is my life…. TOTAL Win for Juan


No matter where in the world I am or what I’m doing, he’s ALWAYS on my mind. I don’t have a care in the world when I talk to him. He’s my strength when I feel vulnerable. Odd isn’t it?



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