The Silver Quill Blogger Award

This is a first! I’ve been nominated for “The Silver Quill Blogger Award” by camsgranny, a fellow Parkinson’s patient caregiver.

There are rules to follow with this as most awards, and the rules for this are.

To pay tribute to the one who nominated you, DONE

To answer the following questions and nominate five others and let them know.


1- Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?  Rhyming

2- What’s your favorite Shakespeare Play? A Midsummer Nights Dream, just because it sends my imagination flying

3- Who is your favourite author?In spanish literature: Paulo Coehlo and in english: J.K. Rowling

4- Name three people who you greatly admire.  First of all my husband, for the courage of laughing at the difficulties PD sends to him, secondly my nephew (5 yrs old) battling Leukemia and thirdly, and I’m not being a narcisist, myself, just because sometimes I don’t think, I just feel and do when it comes to helping my husband.

5- What’s your favourite album ever? Luis Fonsi- all his albums

6- Which primary color do you most dislike?  Blue-reminds me that the sky is the limit

7- Name a song or a poem that makes you feel emotional.  Luis Fonsi- Paso a Paso: it tells the story of a couple going through the girl’s illness and not giving up.

For the nominations:

Israel Robledo-

Yizette Cifredo-

Canadian Hiking Photography-

My Style Snapshots-



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